Musick al’Italliana

Musick al’Italliana:

Italian and English music of the 17th century / Restoration

(Rosalind Salas, soprano; Bronwen Pugh, violin; Robert Petre, harpsichord).

MERIDIAN CDE 84316, 1996
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Critical acclaim for CD Musick al’Italliana:

‘An effervescent selection of music that was popular in late 17th and early 18th century England.  A most entertaining and joyous recital brought alive impeccably by Restoration.’ Classic FM Music Line (UK)

‘A wonderful recording: Bronwen Pugh makes a gorgeous sound, combining elegance with virtuosity … Robert Petre’s playing is extremely stylish: a rare treat to hear to hear playing that combines historically accurate playing styles with an understanding for the music itself … Rosalind Salas is a singer with a quite outstanding range of expression – this is singing of international stature.  In all, a lovely recording.’ Pressing On (Concert FM, Radio New Zealand )


Biagio MARINI (from Affetti Musicale 1617):

1.       La Ponte          1’17”

Claudio MONTEVERDI (from Selva Morale e Spirituale 1640):

2.       Laudate Dominum          3’45”

Biagio MARINI (from Affetti Musicale):

3.       La Orlandina          1’49”

4.       Il Monteverde (Allemanda)          1’16”

5.       La Caotorta (Gagliarda)          1’15”

Orlando GIBBONS:

6.       A Ground          2’51”

7.       The Italian Ground          2’16”

Anonymous (from The Dublin Virginal Book ca.1570):

8.       Chi passa          2’21”


9.       Amarilli, mia bella (1602)          2’33”


10.   Amarilli – variations          3’32”

Anonymous :

11.   Fortune my foe           1’02”

William BYRD:

12.   Fortune – variations          4’16”

Nicola MATTEIS (from Ayres for the Violin, Part 4 – London, 1685):

Suite in D minor:

13.   Preludio          1’06”

14.   Fuga in fantasia          2’13”

15.    Grave          2’08”

16.   Ground with divisions          3’28”

Giacomo CARISSIMI (from Cantate a 1,2 & 3 voce – ca.1660):

17.   Così volete, così sarà          6’50”

Henry PURCELL (from The Fairy Queen):

18.   The Plaint          6’33”

George Frideric HANDEL

Cantata, Un’Alma Innamorata:

19.   Recit: Un’alma innamorata – Aria: Quel povero core          7’22”

20.   Recit: E pur benché – Aria: Io godo, rido e spiro          5’52”

21.   Recit: In quanto a me – Aria: Ben impari          2’47”

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